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== United States of America ==
== United States of America ==
''This list began by combining an existing list of progressive communities which had some connection with the Foundation, with the 37 progressive churches'' (shown in <span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">bold red</span> below) ''featured in Hal Taussig, ''<u>A New Spiritual Home: Progressive Spirituality at the Grassroots</u>'' (Polebridge Press, 2006). [http://www.westarinstitute.org/Polebridge/Title/SpiritualHome/spiritualhome.html] It has grown with the addition of other names, and we aim to include all 1000 or so progressive Christian communities listed in the appendix of Taussig's book. Please feel free to add contact details or web  addresses to these names, as well as to add the names and contact details of additional progressive communities.''
A list of progressive Christian communities featured in Hal Taussig, ''<u>A New Spiritual Home: Progressive Spirituality at the Grassroots</u>'' (Polebridge Press, 2006). [http://www.westarinstitute.org/Polebridge/Title/SpiritualHome/spiritualhome.html] Duer to the size of the USA list it has been moved to a separate page: [[Progressive Communities USA]]

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This series is part of the Jesus Then and Now project.

Progressive faith communities

Finding a progressive faith community can be a challenge, as is the task of fashioning and sustaining a local faith community that is intentionally progressive ...

  • Please use this space to provide links to web pages for progressive faith communities.
  • You will see that we have not limited the listing to "Christian" faith communities, although they clearly form the majority of the entries in the first instance. Feel free to include progressive faith communities from the Quakers, Unitarian Universalists, and Unity traditions as well as progressive communities from Buddhist, Islamic and Jewish traditions.

You may also create a page for your own faith community within this wiki site. If you choose to do this, please create a link to the new page from this page, and also include the following line at the top of your new page:

  • "This page is part of the Progressive Communities series."

As the number of communities listed here builds up, we will choose one community to be featured each week.

For resources for ministry with children and youth, see Progressive Childrens Programs

Directories of progressive religious communities

The following directories provide help in locating local faith communities. Some focus on progressive communities while others are more denominational in character, but may identify progressive congregations within their listing.

  • Alternative Faith Communities Network (New Zealand) [1]
  • Church Search - National Church Life Survey (Australia) [2]
  • Covenant Network of Presbyterians [3]
  • Episcopal Church USA [4]
  • Intentional Communities directory [5]
  • More Light Presbyterians [6]
  • National Alliance of Parishes Restructuring into Communities [7]
  • Reconciling Ministries Network [8]
  • RENEW - spiritual renewal, evangelization and the transformation through parish-based small Christian communities. [9]
  • TCPC Directory of Churches [10]
  • Unitarian Universalist Association [11]
  • United Church of Christ Open and Affirming congregations [12]
  • United Methodist Church [13]
  • Unity Church [14]
  • Welcoming and Affirming Baptists [15]
  • Westar Institute - Directory of Churches [16]

Literature and web links

  • Jim Burklo, Open Christianity: Home by another road (Rising Star, 2000) [17]
  • Peter Lawson, Jesus Circles: a Way to Heal our Wounds, Subvert the Domination System, and Build an Abundant Future [18]
  • Hal Taussig, A New Spiritual Home: Progressive Christianity at the Grass Roots (Polebrdge Press, 2006) [19]
  • See also Hal Taussig, "Grassroots Progressive Christianity" The Fourth R (May/June 2006)[20] and related discussion questions from St David's Uniting Church, Canterbury (Melbourne, AU) [21]
  • Ian Markham, Why Liberal Churches are Growing. (T & T Clark, 2006) [22]
  • Michael Morwood, Tomorrow's Catholic. Understanding God and Jesus in a New Millennium (Spectrum, 1997); Is Jesus God? (Spectyrum 2001); Praying the New Story (Spectrum, 2003) http://www.morwood.org/
  • Resources for American Christianity [23]

Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Alternative Faith Communities Network [24]

  • Auckland: St Matthews-in-the-City [25]
  • Davenport: St Paul's Presbyterian



  • Canberra Baptist Church [26]
  • Curtin: St James Uniting Church

New South Wales

  • Charis Faith Community (Sydney) [27]
  • Epping: Epping Anglican, 3 Pembroke St
  • Hunters Hill: All Saints Anglican, 2 Ambrose St
  • Lindfield: St David's UC, cnr Pacific Hwy & Provincial Road [28]
  • Paddington: Eastside Parish Mission (UCA), Oxford St
  • Pitt Street: Pitt St Uniting Church [29]

Northern Territory


  • Brisbane Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Annerley)[30]
  • Earthlink (Four Winds) [31]
  • Sun Mountain Zen Community [[32]

  • Brookfield: Brookfield Centre for Spirituality [33]
  • East Brisbane: St Paul's Anglican
  • Forest Lake Anglican Forest Lake Anglican
  • Moggill/Mt Crosby: Anglican Parish
  • Progressive Spirituality Network [34]
  • South Brisbane: St Mary's Catholic Community [35]
  • West End: Uniting Church [36]
  • Windsor: St George Windsor Anglican Church

South Australia

  • Norwood: Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church, cnr Portrush Rd & The Parade (08 8431-2442)
  • Wayville: Christ Church Uniting Church [37]



  • Canterbury: St David's Uniting Church [38]
  • East Malvern: Ewing Memorial Uniting Church
  • North Balwyn: St Aidan's Uniting Church [39]

Western Austalia


  • Edmonton, Alberta: Robertson-Wesley United Church
  • Toronto, Ontario: Hillcrest United Church

South America

United Kingdom

  • Leeds: All Hallows Church of England [40]

United States of America

A list of progressive Christian communities featured in Hal Taussig, A New Spiritual Home: Progressive Spirituality at the Grassroots (Polebridge Press, 2006). [41] Duer to the size of the USA list it has been moved to a separate page: Progressive Communities USA