Once and Future Bible Lectionary Notes

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Be better prepared for Sunday worship with this weekly email service from FaithFutures Foundation that provides brief notes on the following Sunday's readings, drawing on contemporary critical scholarship in biblical studies and related fields.

The notes are designed to provide a focus for people wanting to work with the texts in advance of the following Sunday service. They are especially suitable for ..

  • anyone involved in preparation for worship as part of their spiritual discipline
  • choristers, lay ministers, musicians, preachers, readers
  • individual reflection
  • informal groups in parish and cell group settings

The notes are based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).

The notes are prepared by Greg Jenks, Executive Trustee of the FaithFutures Foundation.

Past week's notes are available on the Lectionary page.

Advanceword becomes OFB Lectionary

From the beginning of 2011 these weekly notes are published as The Once and Future Bible Lectionary Notes. The materials will continue to be posted on the Jesus Database Lectionary page. The new name for the series will link these notes with the book, The Once and Future Bible: An introduction to the Bible for religious progressives, which is due for publication in January 2011.

Please email us [1] if you would like to be added to the distribution list.