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John Shelby Spong
A New Christianity for a New World

Additional Resources for Session Four

Historical Jesus research and Christian faith

There are a number of article and books that address the questions posed for Chrstian faith by recent Jesus studies. The following is a select list:

  • M. Eugene Boring, "The 'Third Quest' and the Apostolic Faith." Interpretation 50/4 (1996) 341-54.
  • Marcus Borg, Jesus: A New Vision. Spirit, Culture and the Life of Discipleship. San Francisco, 1987.
  • Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith. San Francisco, 1994.
  • Jeffrey Carlson & Robert A. Ludwig (eds), Jesus and Faith. A Conversation on the Work of John Dominic Crossan. Maryknoll, 1994.
  • John P. Galvin, "'I Believe ... in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord.' The Earthly Jesus and the Christ of Faith." Interpretation 50/4 (1996) 373-82.
  • Elizabeth A. Johnson, "The was Word Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us. Jesus Research and Christian Faith." in Doris Donnelly (ed), Jesus. A Colloquium in the Holy Land. New York, 2001. (Pages 146-66). Online summary with citations
  • Robert W. Funk, Honest to Jesus. Jesus for a New Millennium. San Francisco, 1996.
  • Stephen J. Patterson, The God of Jesus. The Historical Jesus and the Search for Meaning. Harrisburg, PA, 1998.
  • Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Jesus, Miriam's Child, Sophia's Prophet: Critical Issues in Feminist Christology. New York:, 1994.

Historical Jesus research and worship

The following items address the implications of HJ research for worship:

  • Historical Jesus Thanksgiving - An alternative Thanksgiving Prayer for the Eucharist, with explicit themes from the historical sayings and acts of Jesus, written by Canadian Anglican Priest, Gary Botha.
  • An evaluation of the UMC Hymnal, by Ottobein College faculty member Glenna S. Jackson, "with one ear tuned for historicity and the other for sensitivity." "with one ear tuned for historicity and the other for sensitivity." [1]

HODOS web community

Hodos is an online forum specifically for developing personal spiritual journeys informed by the wisdom and the practice of the historical Jesus. Drawing on the work of contemporary Jesus studies, as well as other traditional and modern sources, participants encourage one another in exploring, developing and sustaining ways of life that are shaped by the wisdom of the Galilean sage.

Michael Morwood

In addition to chapters 5 and 6 in Tomorrow's Catholic, see also his subsequent book: Is Jesus God? Finding Our Faith. Spectrum/Twenty-Third Publications, 2001.

John Shelby Spong, This Hebrew Lord.[2]

Full text of John Shelby Spong's 1974 text. Available as part of the Religion Online collection.[3]

Westar Seminar Papers

Several papers prepared for recent sessions of the Jesus Seminar have addressed the theological implications of the Seminar's historical work between 1985 and 2000. These are not usually available online, but you may be able to locate copies in the relevant set of Westar Seminar Papers:[4]

Spring 2001

  • Lane C. McGaughy, "Jesus and the American Monomyth."
  • Bernard Brandon Scott, "From Parables to Ethics."
  • Hal Taussig, "History Matters. A Postmodern Case for Jesus and Meaning Today."

Fall 2001

  • Joseph Bessler-Northcutt, "The Theological Risks of Taking Jesus Seriously."
  • Hal Taussig, "Transfiguring Jesus: An Assessment of the Spiritual Dimensions of Contemporary Historical Jesus Portraits."