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From time to time online courses will be offered, allowing participants from around the world to engage in online classes, seminars and workshops.

For information on courses currently available at any time see the FAITHFUTURES eLearning [1] site. Information on enrolment, including any charges that may apply, will be available on that page if not already provided here.

SPRT Surveying Progressive Religious Thought - May/June 2006

Are you interested in facilitating an online course through the Faithfutures Moodle site?
If so, please contact Greg Jenks by email [4]

To register for a course offered on the Moodle site, the steps you need to follow are as follows:

(1) Go to the main page for the Faithfutures moodle (this is one to bookmark): [5]

(2) You should be able to see a short list of available courses (just 2 at this stage), and then just click on the link for Surveying Progressive Religious Thought. As an alternative, you can just click on the login link at the top right corner. Either option will take you to the login page at the following address: [6]

(3) At the login page you have two options: on return visits use the left hand side, but for your first visit use the information on the right hand side to set up a new account. That information includes list of 7 things that happen in the process of setting up your account. At one point you will have the option of asking your browser to remember you, so you do not need to enter your username and password every time you visit the site.

PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED CREATE A NEW USER ACCOUNT WITH THE MOODLE SOFTWARE as you cannot login to the Moodle courses using your existing Faithfutures username and password. On your first visit to the Faithfutures Moodle pages, click the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button on the right hand half of the page. You should be able to set the Moodle account to use your preferred username and password, including the combination currently used on the rest of the FFF web site.

When asked for the enrolment key, enter the code provided to you by email.

Further information,[7] including demonstration pages and links to user information for students and teachers, is available from the Moodle organisation web site.