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Marcus J. Borg

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. The historical Jesus and the heart of contemporary faith.

Focus Questions

1. What is story theology? [p. 119-121]

2. What are the two claims of all religious traditions (according to William James)? [p. 121-122]

3. How do the macro-stories (Exodus, Exile and Return, and the Priestly Story) image life? [p. 122-127]

4. How has the Priestly Story dominated Christian interpretation of Jesus? [p. 128-130]

5. What are the limitations of the Priestly Story in imaging Jesus? [p. 130-132]

6. What four elements do the macro-stories have in common? [p. 132-133]

7. What is your response to "Jesus and the Christian Life as Journey"? [p. 133-137]

Four Big Questions (Crossan)

The following might be suggested as a reflection task in the week leading up to the final session:

"I would like to suggest four deeper questions which circle in a linked set from one to the other and back again to the first. These are, to revert to a former metaphor, the tectonic plates beneath a revived mainline Christianity:

(i) What is the character of your God?
(ii) What is the content of your faith?
(iii) What is the purpose of your church?
(iv) What is the function of your worship?

There is little advantage to making surface changes until we answer those fundamental questions which will determine whether organized mainland Christianity will and should survive."

— John Dominic Crossan, 13 June 2003

Note: The double DVD set featuring Crossan lecturing on Paul [1], published as part of the Living the Questions program is also relevant to these 4 questions.

Concluding Questions

  • Overall impressions?
  • Significant learnings?
  • Where to from here?

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