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"Jesus Then and Now" is a catch-all phrase intended to define a distinctive but inclusive approach to the study of the historical Jesus and the application of findings from historical Jesus research (together with new knowledge generated in the Arts and Humanities, Religion and the Sciences) to the revisioning of what it means to be religious in our time.

Jesus Then

Under this rubric we shall engage in collaborative inquiry into and interpretation of the meaning of Jesus in the past, with particular attention to the historical person of Jesus.

This will include continued development of the Jesus Database project, gathering up all the sayings and reports attributed to Jesus, or relating to his life and activities.

Other aspects of biblical and historical studies will also be included where relevant to this project, and participants are invited to contribute information they consider relevant to our knowledge about and understanding of Jesus as a figure of ancient history.

Jesus Now

Under this rubric we shall create, critique, discuss and enjoy many different ways of engaging with the wisdom and wit of Jesus in today's world:

  • the Lectionary pages will engage directly with contemporary Christian communities that use Scripture as one of their sources of wisdom for personal and communal life
  • the Creativity and Arts pages invite the contribution of liturgies, poems, prayers, sermons and other works that explore some aspect of the meaning of Jesus for today
  • The Peace and Justice pages invite discussion of issues that drive us to explore the meaning of Jesus for our era

Circle Theology

Our only requirement of those who would participate in this enterprise is that we each agree to act in accordance with the Foundation's Guiding Principles and Core Values.

Our preference is to work collaborately, in the style of a traditional "wisdom circle" where the goal is to listen to one another rather than to compete and persuade.

It is our view that the technology applied in this site will facilitate such a dispersed learning experience, in which everyone is a learner and no single person is the master. As each member of a discussion takes care to attend to the gifts of knowledge, insight and wisdom brought by every other person, we expect to discern profound and powerful new theologies and practices for today and tomorrow.

We commend the book, Jesus Circles: a Way to Heal our Wounds, Subvert the Domination System, and Build an Abundant Future.[1] written by Peter Lawson, as an introduction to the philosophy and processes that we invite you to embrace as you join this enterprise.