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  • THE LOGO: The image of the earth was created by J.C. Francois,[1] adapting a great LightWave tutorial written by Dean A. Scott. For use on the FaithfuturesWiki site the image has been combined with the Foundation's name and the project title for these pages: Jesus Then and Now. It is used here under the terms of the Creative Commons License.[2]
  • WEB MASTER: Greg Jenks is the person coordinating the development of this wiki and acting as web master for the project. Please direct any questions about the FaithFutures Foundation or this web site to him in the first instance. The best email address to use is probably: [3]
  • INSPIRATION: The credit for suggesting that we consider use the wiki sofctware for the next phase of the Foundation's development goes to Hugo Blasdel, one of our Trustees.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Peter Lamont at Miro Net [4] in Melbourne, Australia has been an immense help. His willingness to facilitate the installation and configuration of the MediaWiki and Moodle software has gone way beyond the normal services provided by a web server company. Thanks, Peter!