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This page is part of the Jesus Database project.

In some cases, and especially when reporting the voting outcomes of the Jesus Seminar, you will find text represented by one of four different colors:

RED signifies a strong view in favor of the question

PINK indicates qualified support for the propositiion

GREY indicates uncertainty or qualified dissent from the proposition
BLACK indicates a strong view against the question or proposition

The question or proposition may often be a "simple" judgment on whether a specific saying or act should be included in the database of historical Jesus materials. However, sometimes the question is phrased in negative terms so that a RED vote indicates dissent from historicity and support for the proposition that such and such an event did not take place, while a BLACK vote would have the opposite meaning.

Use of colors in the pages of the Jesus Database is intended as a shorthand way to express the historical and theological judgments reported by Fellows of the Jesus Seminar.
As with the schema used by John Dominic Crossan (+, -, �) these assessments are indicative only, and should not be taken as prescriptive.

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