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A Father's Day card from Jesus

Dear Father

You reacted lovingly to my disrespect,
showing patience in spite of my distance.
You ran to me in spite of my shame,
throwing a party in the face of my guilt.

and so,

Your name is revered in my heart,
my life a display of your alternatives.
I owe my strength to your bread,
my stability to your law of forgiveness.


Test me not with Caesar's challenge,
the cup drunk also by James and John.
Yet, having trusted me with everything,
can I do any other than let life move on.

Wow Dad! What a neat surprise! A spiritual body!
You're the best!

Reflections on the Prodigal, the Lord's Prayer, Gethsemene, Mark 10:39, John 13:3, I Cor 15.

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.

Poem 2

A demanding brother,
A division of property.
Choice to squander abroad,
Choice to manage at home.
Prostitutes and famine,
Hired out to feed pigs.
Memories of dad's hired hands.
Expressions of regret for the shame of sin.
Death to life metaphor, celebration!
The return to I-Thou without condition.
The offense of the slaving older brother.
The reminder of the uninterrupted I-Thou.

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.