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Gene Stecher

THE QUESTION: Who is my neighbor?

Jesus trod the way from Jerusalem to Jericho,

Robbers stripping, beating half-way toward death.
One appears with the goodness of pity,
Pouring oil and wine, bandaging wounds.
Travel to an Inn, further doctoring of the unfortunate.
A well-paid Innkeeper to continue the care.

Giving assurances of returning

and making good on the tab,
the Palestinian left.
There will be another stripping and beating,
all the way to death, and
no one with the goodness of pity around.

I chose not to include the verses about the Priest and the Levite because I can't think of any other teachings where HJ sets up a class of people as the villain (one reason to Q the pink of Lk 18:10-14), except Satan and his hordes. I'll put these verses down as later add-ons by the followers who wished to clearly separate themselves from the Temple religion and its clean/unclean emphases. The verses are not needed to answer the question about who is our neighbor. Look for the "Palestinian" in your midst.

Gene Stecher

Chambersburg, Pa.


In extending love and

eye sliver attention
as if neighbor were self,

Distributive justice

begins at the margin
where wounds are bathed


those who are patrons of

empire and sacrifice
become bankrupt.

That is the meaning when

one makes use of the phrase,
Samaritan justice.

[Lk 10:30-35]

Chambersburg, Pa.