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Lachs, [Rabbinic Commentary on the New Testament], (317) notes:

The point of this passage is clear. Whatever is demanded of man by God is to be performed precisely because he is God’s servant, and a servant, because of his position, must do all that the master imposes upon him, even though the master is not sensitive or considerate or the task is not appealing. Man should not expect anything in return for performing what is his duty too do. ... In rabbinic literature treatment of one’s slaves is not the same as described here. “When R. Johanan ate meat he also gave his slave to eat, and when he drank he also gave his slaves, etc.” [TJ BQ 8.5, 6c (2)]
R. Johanan b. Zakkai said, ‘If you have studied much Torah, do not claim merit for yourself, for for this were you created.’ [M. Avot 2.8]