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Gene Stecher

Specialist threat,
Generalist protection,
Leprous hospitality,
Prostitute blessing,
Hypocritical offense.

Passover prepared,
Betrayer declared,
Body given,
Blood poured.
Kingdom awaited.

Jesus ambivalence,
Disciple avoidance,
Destiny acceptance,
Arrest-party arrival,
Violence futility.

Clandestine grab,
Scriptures fulfilled,
Young-[wo]man watched,
Young-[wo]man deserted,
Young-[wo]man proclaimed.

For my phrase "Prostitute blessing", see Patterson's explanation of Lk 7:36-50 in his "Dirt, Shame, Sin", Hoover, Profiles, p. 203-204.

"Young man" may be Mark's insertion of the Initiate of his community into the events of the final hours. The initiate experiences fear and desertion as well as the privilege of proclamation (Mk 16:6-7) as he graduates from the "linen cloth" garb of initiation into Jesus' death (Mk 15:46) to the "white cloth" garb of good-news resurrection bearer. [And of course in Secret Mark the young man was "taught the mystery of God's domain" prior to either of these events; AOJ, p. 117]

It's a helpful exercise, I think, to assume the identity of each participant in this drama: Jesus, temple specialist, crowd member, leper, female annointer, I-object, sleeping disciple, betrayer, arrest-party member, sword wielder, young-man/woman.


Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.