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William Klassen

In Judas: Betrayer or Friend of Jesus? Klassen discusses the verb the gospels employ, commonly translated "betray." This is a mistranslation of paradidomi which is better translated as "deliver," "surrender," or "transmit" -- more like the Hebrew masar, "hand over" or (in the case of passing on a tradition) "transmit." Klassen has demonstrated that paradidomi is always translated "handover/deliver" (rather than "betray") except in the Christian passion narrative texts. He has also observed that Luke-Acts is the first Christian text to develop the idea of Judas as a "betrayer" and uses prodotes ("betrayer") in Luke 6:16.

Sara C. Winter

Winter used Klassen's work in her paper on the passion narrative for the Fall 1995 meeting of the Jesus Seminar [= "The Arrest of Jesus" Forum New Series 1,1 (Spring 1998) 145-62]. Winter concluded that Jesus wanted Judas to hand him over to the authorities because his Judean disciples (e..g Lazarus) were being arrested on his behalf after the temple incident).