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Capernaum, 1000 persons on 25 acres,
Egypt/India trade route a couple miles off,
Honorable locals do commerical fishing,
Dishonorable locals do toll collecting,
Didn't take well to Jesus missionaries,
same as Chorazin and Bethsaida.

Impressive at assemblies, no scribal mush.

Words grounded in personal authority,
Formal teaching,
Commanded action.
A rise to fame [a price to pay]!

Some guy with demons is making a commotion,

Calling Jesus God's Holy One.
He wasn't disappointed,
But a huge struggle for the genuine self!

Dare we be called Holy One,

confronting both inner and outer demons,
Rooted in the Ground of personal authority,
how untried and unknown is this power?
"Why are you so cowardly?
You still don't trust do you?" (Mk 4:40)

For further info on Capernaum and surrounding towns see The Acts of Jesus, p. 58.

Gene Stecher

Chambersburg, Pa.