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  • Photographs and brief notes on the Capernaum ruins[1]

Crossan and Reed

See Capernaum for brief notes on the ancient site of Capernaum.

Jesus Seminar

The Seminar voted Red to the proposition that Capernaum was a key center for Jesus' activities in the Galilee, but the tradition has been developed and preserved in very different ways by each of the evangelists:

  • MARK constructs an artificial "day in the ministry of Jesus" stretching from 1:21 to 1:39.
  • MATTHEW simply notes that Capernaum was the main location for Jesus, and then connects that with his theme of fulfilled prophecies.
  • LUKE develops a visit to the Nazareth synagogue in 4:16-30 as the opening scene of Jesus' public ministry, with Capernaum simply the next stop on his travels.
  • JOHN also records a tradition that has Jesus and his followers staying for a period at Capernaum.

See Jesus First Day for texts in parallel columns.