206 Knowing Oneself

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(1) Thom 3:4-5 = POxy654 3:4-5
(2) DialSav 30 (= 14:4)

Crossan analysis:

Item: 206
Stratum: II (60-80 CE)
Attestation: Double
Historicity: -
Common Sayings Tradition: No


(1)Thom 3:4-5

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. 5 But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty. [...] [Complete Gospels]

“λέγει Ἰ[η(σοῦ)ς· ἐὰν] οἱ ἕλκοντες ἡμᾶς [εἴπωσιν ὑμῖν· ἰδοὺ] ἡ βασιλεία ἐν οὐρα[νῷ, ὑμᾶς φθήσεται] τὰ πετεινὰ τοῦ οὐρ[ανοῦ· ἐὰν δ᾿ εἴπωσιν ὅ]τι ὑπὸ τὴν γῆν ἐστ[ιν, εἰσελεύσονται] οἱ ἰχθύες τῆς θαλά[σσης προφθάσαν]τες ὑμᾶς· καὶ ἡ βασ[ιλεία τοῦ θεοῦ] ἐντὸς ὑμῶν [ἐσ]τι [κἀκτός. ὃς ἂν ἑαυτὸν] γνῷ, ταύτην εὑρή[σει, καὶ ὅτε ὑμεῖς] ἑαυτοὺς γνώσεσθε, [εἴσεσθε ὅτι υἱοί] ἐστε ὑμεῖς τοῦ πατρὸς τοῦ ζ[ῶντος· εἰ δὲ μὴ] γνώσ(εσ)θε ἑαυτούς, ἐν [τῇ πτωχείᾳ ἐστὲ] καὶ ὑμεῖς ἐστε ἡ πτω[χεία].” (Thomas 1:3 AGOSP-T)

= POxy654 3:4-5

You who] know [yourselves] will find this. [And when you] know yourselves, [you will understand that] you are [children] of the [living] Father. 5 [But if] you do [not] know yourselves, [you live] in [poverty], and you are [poverty]." [...]" [Complete Gospels]

Original language text currently unavailable

(2) DialSav 30 (= 14:4)

The Lord said, "Those who have known themselves have seen [it in] everything that is given them to do [for them]selves, and they have come to be [...] it in their goodn[ess]." [...]" [Complete Gospels]

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