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Gene Stecher


Son of Yahweh,

heir to the promise of
the ends of the earth,
to crush nations
and dash them in pieces.
(Ps 2:7-9)

Son of Man,
heir to the promise of
in everlasting service
to personal glory,
dominion, and kingship.
(Dan 7:13-14)

Son of Theos,
heir to the promise of
the glory
of the kingdoms
of the world and
authority over them.
(Lk 4:5-7)

When did the lips
of promise change from
the Ancient One to Diabolos?
(Lk 4:2)

The ego-charging view from
the holy hill,
from the clouds before
the ancient throne,
the breath-taking
high mountain vision.
(Ps 2:6; Dan 7:13; Mt 4:8)

How did the Ancient One
become Father
by changing the lifted-up
vantage point to three feet
off the ground
on a Roman cross bar?
(Jn 3:14)

Son of Man,
just how badly
did you want to be first of all?
"Let this cup pass from me."
Now there's a more
realistic lifted-up notion!
(Mk 14:36)

Lifted-up Son of Man,
speaking for the Father
drawing all men to himself.
Who are you to
claim a later higher vantage point?
(Jn 8:28; 12:32-34)

Your followers,
O Theos morphed,
will they be in-spirited
by your high dive into
the slave pits
of castrated youth?
(Phil 2:6-7; Mt 19:12; Mk 10:14)

Or will they
be advocates for the
Diabolical visions associated
with thrones of judgment.
Servant/slave and thrones,
kind of a mixed message!

(Mk 10:41-42; Lk 22:28-30)

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.