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International Q Project

IQP reconstructs the original Q saying as follows:

When the [householder has arisen] and locked the door,

[and you begin to stand outside and knock on the door,] saying:

Master, open for us, and he will answer you: I do not know you.

Jesus Seminar

The views of the Seminar on this item can be represented as follows:

  • Luke 13:25
  • Matt 25:1-12

The commentary in The Five Gospels (p. 347) notes that Luke's brief saying is reminiscent of the longer parable of the ten maidens in Matthew 25.

On the Matthean parable, the commentary observes:

This story does not have any of the earmarks of Jesus' authentic parables. it does not cut against the religious and social grain. Rather, it confirms common wisdom: those who are prepared succeed, those not prepared will fail. Consequently, it does not surprise or shock; there is no unexpected twist in the story; it comes out as one expects, given the opening statement that five of the maidens were wise and five foolish. The story lacks humor, exaggeration, and paradox: it is straightforward, unimaginative, and moralizing ...

Gerd Lüdemann

Lüdemann [Jesus, 234] :

The narrative is inauthentic since the semi-allegorical form derives from the needs of the community to find themselves in the parable. Furthermore the parable reflects the delay of the coming of the bridegroom Christ.