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Gene Stecher

Trust was the precursor of good fortune,

I'm knocking, but it's your call, Jesus!
You can do it!
"Don't crowd me man!"
Mark's Jesus resented the intrusion [or was full of pity],
who cares?
Just release me from my misery.
Unlike the scribes,
he has more than regurgitation authority (1:22)
Unlike the priests,
he has more than skin examination authority.

Mark's Jesus was definitely in a bad mood,
snorting and casting out
sternly warning and sending away
snaping at and curtly dismissing.
Not a very nice guy.
Deferring to skin examiner approval will do that.

Look! Look! Look! Everyone,
Jesus did it, Jesus did it, Jesus did it.
Echos of envy in the temple, plot hatching.
the thud of overturned tables,
exhortations of no stone left,
snorts, screams, and curtain ripping.

Better stay out in the country for awhile.

This prose poem recognizes the translation and textual ambiguities of this particular passage (1:41,43) as reflected, for example, in the NRSV and SV versions. The "snorting/casting" possibility comes from Perkins, Gospel of Mark: New Interpreters' Bible, 1995.

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.