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John Dominic Crossann

Crossan [Historical Jesus] (259f) includes this saying in his discussion of the troubled relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist.

The metaphor underlying both versions is that the time during which the groom is present is a time of celebration. This idea is used to mark out a contrast between Jesus and John in Mark’s version of this saying, although the contrast with John is missing in GThom. A similar contrast is also to be seen in 144 Wisdom Justified.

From 106 Fasting and Wedding [1/2] I take only their common assertion by Jesus that now is a time of joy and celebration rather than of mourning and fasting. It is like the time of a wedding. I leave aside the inference in Mark 2:20 that Jesus is himself the Bridegroom soon to be taken away. In 144 Wisdom Justified [1/1] I presume, with John Kloppenborg, that “the identification of John and Jesus with the children who do the calling, and ‘this generation’ with those who refuse to respond, seems the most natural interpretation, especially since v. 35 characterizes John and Jesus as children ... of Sophia” (1987:111). There is no emphasis here on the superiority of Jesus over John. The evenhanded chiastic construction of piped/wailed // fasted/feasted leaves them on the same level but, of course, the presence of the titular Son of man with all its apocalyptic overtones underlines the position of Jesus. In any case, and for my present concerns, both the Sayings Gospel Q and Mark know a tradition comparing John and Jesus in terms of the former’s asceticism and the latter’s prodigality. I translate that, as part of my working hypothesis, to mean that John lived an apocalyptic asceticism and that Jesus did the opposite. But, of course, to say that Jesus was not an apocalyptic ascetic does not at all tell us what he was. (p. 260)

Jesus Seminar

The views of the Seminar on this item can be represented as follows:

  • Thom 104:2
  • Thom 104:2
  • Thom 104:3
  • Mark 2:19
  • Mark 2:20
  • Matt 9:15a
  • Matt 9:15b
  • Luke 5:34
  • Luke 5:35

This voting data reflects the deliberations in the 1989 mail ballot and at the 1990 session (Sonoma).



Kool and the Gang - some lyrics from their song *Celebration* to set the mood. - Gene

There's a party going on right here,

A celebration to last throughout the years,
So bring your good times, and your laughter too,
We gonna celebrate your party with you - Come on now, Celebration!
Let's all celebrate and have a good time,
Celebration! We gonna celebrate and have a good time.....
What's your pleasure everyone around the world - Come on!


Hey, when the bridegroom is around
it's a Yahoo! Wahoo! time.
for friend and the guests alike.
Everyone shares the joy of the conjugal
union with the bride (Wisdom?),
[So does that mean Jesus was married,
or at least "knew" a woman?]
He knew not to separate what God
had coupled together. (1) So what happens that's so great when
the wise groom guy is around.
Sophia approves of the groom's deeds. (2)
"Listen to him!" (3)
No guilt
No shame
No fast associated with
Eating and drinking
Playing happy music (4)
Violent law breaking. (5) There is the choice for fasting of course,
funeral songs (4)
clinging to the law/prophet boss. (6) And then that down side. Pick your own headline:
Demented dirge singer gets no mourning.
Drunken flutist gets no dancing.
They did to both as they damn well pleased! (8)
Dirge singer beheaded.
Flutist crucified. Jeeeez, what ever happened to our celebration?
Two day hiatus! (9)
Three day postponement! (10)

Then, Yahoo! Wahoo! Celebration!, all over again.

(1) Mk 10:9 (JS: Gray; Gene: Pink)
(2) Mt 6:19c (Black)
(3) Mk 9:7c (Black)
(4) Mt 11:17, 19 (Gray)
(5) Mt 11:12 (Gray)
(6) Mt 11:13 (Gray)
(7) Mt 11:18b, 19b (Gray)
(8) Mk 9:13 (Black; cf. Mt 17:10-13)
(9) 1 Cor 15:4 (Black; Gene: Pink), cf Hos 6:2
(10) Mk 8:31; Mt 12:40 (Black)

Gene Stecher