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Gene Stecher


Nothing is hidden that won't be revealed,
nothing is veiled that will not be unveiled!
The Leaven was placed and no one knew,
but can you miss the 50 pound flour effect?
(Th 5:2, Lk 12:2; 13:20-21)

The mustard seed will burst from the earth.
The treasure and pearl are going to be found.
Wedding garments and fruit reveal the truth.
The spotlight shines on what comes out of you.
(Th 20, Mt 13:44, Th 76, Mt 7:16; 22:11, Mk 7:15)

The lamp goes on top of the bushel.
The lost are found, whether sheep or coin.
The seed ripens, and it is harvested.
Log removal brings one's friend into focus.
(Lk 8:16, Lk 15:4-9, Mk 4:26, Th 26)

Investment matters, so expect good gifts.
The embers smolder. Uh oh, the jar is empty!
The leavened demon came out screaming!
This Jesus is now exalted to Lord and Messiah!
(Mt 25:14, Th 97, Mt 7:9, Th 10, Lk 11:20, Acts 2:32-36)

Is there any better feeling, than finding or discovering something of value that had been hidden, even rising to giddiness at seeing the hidden emerge, like when one's ten year old daughter picks up a basketball for the first time, walks up to the playground, and knocks down shot after shot.

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.