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Gene Stecher

Some dude of privilege was throwing a big-time party.
Sent his slave to invite his rich buddies.
Have to collect my debt!
Have to insure my investment!
Have to arrange my own banquet!
Have to collect my rent!
Their excuses echoed one another.
We will not honor you.
We have financial priorities.
Well, the dude had a degree in social psychologly,
including statistics and experimental design,
and besides, he was majorly upset.
Go into the street and bring'em all in.
I have a better chance at getting honor with
a sample that is randomized.

Or was this parable not about the dude but about the commoners opportunity for feasting, that riches lead to bad choices about the invitation to citizenship in God's domain, and those who are not identified with riches hold a privileged position with God. Probably that's it--The Eye of the Needle syndrome. - Gene

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.