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Soren Aaby Kierkegaard

What is joy, or what is it to be joyful?
It is truly to be present to oneself;
but truly to be present to oneself is this today,
this to be today,
truly to be today.

The more true it is that you are today,
the more completely present you are to yourself today,
the less the day of trouble, tomorrow, exists for you.

Joy is the present time
with the whole emphasis on:
the present time.

Therefore God is blessed,
he who eternally says: Today,
he who eternally and infinitely is present to himself in being today.

And therefore the lily and the bird are joy,
because by silence and unconditional obedience
they are completely present to themselves in being today.

Soren Aaby Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher (1813-1855)

[The Lily in the Field and the Bird of the Air](1849)