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Odes of Solomon 24

The dove flies over the head of the Anointed One who is her head

She sings over him and her voice is heard.
The inhabitants are afraid and travelers shudder.
Birds take flight and all creeping things die in their holes.
Chasms open and close, seeking God as a woman in labor ...
Chasms sink and are sealed by the Lord.
People perish in their old ways of thinking.
Everyone is imperfect and dies, saying nothing.
The Lord destroys the imagination of all who do not have truth.
They are weak in wisdom and are rejected, lacking truth.
The Lord discloses the Way and spreads grace in alien lands.

Those who understand know holiness. Hallelujah!

Rabbinic Judiasm

Lachs cites these examples of a dove being used as a symbol for the presence of God's Spirit:

And the Spirit of God brooded over the waters [Gen. 1.2] like a dove which hovers over her young without touching them ...[B. Hag. 15a]

Islamic Texts

Several "Jesus and John" stories have survived in the Muslim gospel, but the following seems relevant to this item:

/53/ John and Jesus met and John said, "Ask God's forgiveness for me, for you are better than me." Jesus replied: "You are better than me. I pronounced peace upon myself, whereas God pronounced peace upon you." God recognized the merit of them both. [mid-ninth century]