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Tarif Khalidi, [The Muslim Jesus] cites the following parallels:

8 Jesus said to his disciples, "Just as kings have left wisdom to you, so you should leave the world to them." [eighth century]
131 Jesus was asked about sincere counsel. He said, "If two matters arise before you, one of which concerns you and the other of which concerns God, begin with the matters that concerns God. [late ninth century]
164 Christ said, "O disciples, I have laid the world flat upon its belly for your sake and made you sit upon its back. Only two groups view with you for its mastery: kings and devils. As for the devils, seek support against them in patience and prayer. As for kings, leave their world to them and they will leave the other world to you." [eleventh century]
181 The disciples said to Jesus: "What do you say about rulers?" He answered: "They have been made into a temptation for you. Let not your love for them lead you into sinning against God, nor your hatred for them lead you out of God's obedience. If you fulfill your obligations towards them, you will escape their evil and your faith will be made whole. [eleventh century]