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Gene Stecher

In the Kingdom of Commandments
Creditor and debtor are equalized by the
divine scorched earth policy,
as they face down God's forgiving readiness,
mired together in law breaking
along with the people/priest,

[Isa 24:2-3, Neh 9:17: NRSV]

In the Kingdom where God's finger rules,
look for grazing the edge of law breaking
to be admired for forgiving debt.
The disease that condemns to the jail pit
is not passing along the torch.

[Lk 11:20, 16:8a; Mt 18:33]

Tax Collectors, "Charge official rates,"
but seeking Jesus' favor,
old Zach blurted out that
the poor could have half of his profits
and extortion returns
would be quadrupled.

[Lk 3:13, 19:8]

Debt forgiveness requires community trust,
"Whomever you forgive,
I forgive."
Try your patience with up to seventy-seven
bestowals of freedom
to sin no more.

[2 Cor 2:10, Mt 18:22, Jn 8:11]

Sin? I thought that we were talking about debt.
Now how is it that we've gone from debt to sin?

What's the easier thing to say to this paralytic,
"Your sins are forgiven," or,
"Here's the deed. I've just redeemed your land." **
And Zach spit through the needle's eye.

[Mk 2:1-12, 10:25]

  • Many thanks to Keith for sharing this definition of redemption with the HODOS group.

Forgiveness for Forgiveness:

Forgive the neighbor the wrong he has done, and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray (Sirach 28:2).

Forgive our debts to the extent that we have forgiven those in debt to us (Mt 6:12).

And cancel for us our debts, as we cancel (debts) for those who are indebted to us (Lk 6:37c).

Forgive our sins, since we too forgive everyone in debt to us (Lk 11:4a)

What was that again?

Forgive and you'll be forgiven (Did 8:2).

Come again?

If you are holding anything against anyone, forgive them, so your father in heaven may forgive your misdeeds (Mk 11:25-26).

Sorry, can't quite hear you!

If you forgive others their failures and offenses, your heavenly father will also forgive yours (Mt 6:14-15).

I can only hear out of one ear.

Forgive that it may be forgiven to you (1 Clem 13:2b).

Still can't hear you.

Forgive and it shall be forgiven unto you (PolPhil 2:3b). If then we entreat the Lord to forgive us, we ought also ourselves to forgive (PolPhil 6:2a).

What'd you say?

He who has two ears had better use one for sin and the other for debt.


Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.